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CAT Paper 2013

Common Admission Test 2013 would be another year in the history of CAT, but if you are starting your preparation for the first time, you need to be aware of many things regarding the CAT Exam. First of all, find out – Why MBA? . This question is asked at the interview stage but its better if you tackle it right now. Its highly recommended that you do that.

Resources to Get You Started


Eligibility for the CAT Exam – Click here 

Note that the eligibility for the CAT Exam is not the same like IIM Eligibility as each IIMs may have its own judging criteria for the next stage.

CAT went from a paper pencil based test to online, computer based test. There are plans to evolve the test from Computer based to computer adaptive test and conduct the MBA exam multiple times in the year. Exactly when this would occur is something that we would have to wait and see.

Preparation Strategy for CAT

A Complete Guide, tips, funda and more on how to prepare for CAT has been put up with us over here. 

You can find everything starting from book buying to daily or weekly preparation strategy for students. Every little tip that we found important has been included in the same to help students increase their awareness about the exam.

Syllabus for CAT can be found out over here

Free Resource and Material for CAT 


You can find out about various books and stuff about CAT Exam for free over here.

Given the fact that a lot of information is available online regarding the exam, it is very easy for a student to get lost in the plethora of tips and advice.  Books for CAT Exam You may find details regarding various books for the Common Admission Test aka CAT over here. 

Individual Sections in the Exam

Note that the actual exam has only two sections. However, the preparation needs to be done in 3 parts as most of the coaching material are divided accordingly. Some General Facts About the Exam

  • CAT is an online computer based test.
  • It has two sections – the first checks for quantitative aptitude (maths) and data interpretation and the other one tests verbal ability and logical reasoning.
  • The time given for each section is equal – 70 minutes for each section. You cannot jump from one section to another. However, you can shift among questions within the same section.
  • Once a section is over, you cannot go back to the same section.
  • A fifteen minute tutorial is provided before the start of the exam.
  • The test is conducted in October-November period.
  • The cost of form is around INR 1500/- for General candidates.
  • The scores are normalized while preparing final cut offs. You can find out about the normalization procedure of the CAT exam over here. 
  • You can read more about the introduction of the exam over here. 

Stay Updated – CAT 2013 Exam Notification  You can get free updates regarding the CAT 2013 and other management exams. You may choose to use any of the following options for this purpose

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Some Common Questions Asked By Students for CAT 2013

  • Am I eligible for an IIM?

Check out your eligibility using this particular application. It will give you rough idea about your eligibility for an IIM.

  • I have back papers, can I still give CAT?

You need to fulfill the criteria of CAT, rest everything is fine.

  • I am in final year of graduation, can I give CAT? 

Yes, final year students can give CAT exam. Final year means that you should finish your grad at least before June so that you can join the colleges on time, which is normally between June-September, depending on the college. Check Out This Video on CAT 2013 Preparation