Free Books and Preparation Material For the CAT Exam

Free CAT Preparation Material

Here are some of the resources we have crafted for students to help them prepare for the CAT Exam. All the books/preparation material mentioned below are totally free of cost –

  • Link 1 – Ebooks and Preparation Guide
  • Link 2 – Past Question Papers of Various Exam including CAT.
  • Link 3 – Free Preparation CD for you to carry around where ever you go.
  • Link 4 – Free Stuff and Topic Discussions in General.
  • Link 5 – Random Study material of different topics
  • << Keep downloading, huge list of free books to help students.
  • has some good articles to help you with the preparation.
  • Sign up with Test Funda, they have free VA/LR DI preparation module, an application for your Smartphone (free) to help you in preparation.

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