Online Coaching For CAT – Crucial Insights !!

Many students are working full time especially those who are working professionals may or may not find time to have their written books at all place. Online coaching material for CAT is one solution but the problem is that there are only a handful of quality providers out there which students can hop on to.

Let us take a look at a few of these and see what they have in store for online coaching for CAT – 

TIME – Only offers the test series and some questions for practice in the online medium. Though the test series is great, there is a dearth of    further support and analytical support that students so much crave for. Further, no online support on consistent basis makes it a hard sell for online preparation.

Career Launcher – Has a huge inventory when it comes to online products but the only issue – they are pricey for what they offer and their SIS is not something you would like to be in, and with almost 70% more expensive then nearest competitor, and with no consistent online support, it is simply not what we need.

Career Forum – Not much support. Have a test series but nothing much to fancy further discussion.

IMS – They have their share of products which are limited but one product is highly recommended and that is their GK module. It is known to be one the best in the industry and if you are preparing for SRCC GBO, Snap, IIFT, IRMA and the likes, then this can indeed come in really handy and since it is the only institute which provides such quality, it is recommended buy from our side.

Online Preparation for CAT

Test Funda – A solid entrant in this field, and perhaps the only one that focuses equally on distance learning and online module + CD module too. They have a good post mock analysis and the flexibility to buy only one particular sections’ material. For e.g. if you are to buy TIME distance learning books, you need to buy the entire packet but Test Funda gives you the option to buy the same in parts – you can buy only English, see if it is good and then buy further. You can ask a question on your dashboard, and their teachers will help solve it for you. This kind of support can be crucial for students where there queries are answered in situ rather than wait for getting them answered via teachers in class. Recommended if you are looking for online solution to your preparation needs.

Note – We are affiliates of Test Funda and we choose to be affiliates of quality people providing quality service in order to provide students the best of services.

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